An Art Directed Traveling Dinner Series

First of its kind dinner series, "La Belle Ravin" comprised of one art director & two chefs touring the United States.
A visual & culinary experience exciting its diners with unique menus & spaces based on geographic location.
From foraged centerpieces, hand-carved art menus, to experimental cuisine, each dinner unlike the other.
The series served as a bridge between cultures and landscapes, aimed to create memorable experiences and interactions.
To maintain the art of the shared meal and the importance of conversation, each guest was asked to uphold a strict no phone policy.

- The Beautiful Ravine -


chili spiced hot dog. beer mustard. hot dog bun puree

lamb. rock n rye. onions. french feta

soft shell crab. ramp pesto. tagliatelle. grana padano

roasted banana - strawberry yogurt. dark chocolate mousse. pineapple ice



medjool date. herb ricotta. peppered bacon



truffle butter poached shrimp. rainbow chard cocktail sauce

boiled egg. red chard cream. preserved lemon. herb consomme



walleye. truffled beech mushrooms. fava beans. lemon oil. honey

chocolate peanut butter ice cream. seared fois gras. salted pretzel crumble


Hand carved Linocut menus were
created for each dinner to serve as
a communication article for the evening,
and after the meal became a personal
art piece to serve as the only physical documentation of the experience. 


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