Artist+ Director

Deep within the forest bloomed a noble creature who became a luminous keeper of an abundant grove. It is clear from a distance, that this deer possesses character and a profound vision that echoes beyond the sturdy oaks and whispering pines.

Sir Fawn is effortlessly freeing the minds of those belonging to the forest.
As others gaze into the heavy sky wondering what will follow the airy clouds,
Sir Fawn has presented the answer. An iconic character developed to symbolize
an aesthetic and thought provoking nature. Representing premiere creativity
featuring the ability to observe & create organic and sensible art+ideas.


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Sir Fawn -

Work Featured in/on:
MTV, GQ, Paper Magazine, Complex Magazine,
Fantasia Film Festival, Kohler BOLD+, Hypetrack, & others...
Sir Fawn™ logo illustrated by: Justas Cekauskas
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